• Elucidating the identity of resistance mechanisms to prednisolone exposure in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells through transcriptomic analysis: A computational approach
  • The ultra-sensitive Nodewalk technique identifies stochastic from virtual, population-based enhancer hubs regulating MYC in 3D: Implications for the fitness of cancer cells
  • PARP1- and CTCF-Mediated Interactions between Active and Repressed Chromatin at the Lamina Promote Oscillating Transcription.
  • STAT3 Activity Promotes Programmed-Death Ligand 1 Expression and Suppresses Immune Responses in Breast Cancer
  • Programmed death‐ligand 1 gene expression is a prognostic marker in early breast cancer and provides additional prognostic value to 21‐gene and 70‐gene signatures in estrogen receptor‐positive disease
  • Correlation Between Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound Characteristics (Qualitative and Quantitative) and Pathological Prognostic Factors in Breast Cancer.
  • MYC as a driver of stochastic chromatin networks: implications for the fitness of cancer cells
  • PD-1 protein and gene expression as prognostic factors in early breast cancer
  • Analysis of DNA methylation epidemiological data through a generic composite statistical framework
  • Microarrays
  • Identifying gender independent biomarkers responsible for human muscle aging using microarray data
  • Setting a rational framework for experimental design and analysis of high-throughput dna microarray experiments and data
  • WNT signaling and AHCTF1 promote oncogenic MYC expression through super-enhancer-mediated gene gating
  • Author Correction: WNT signaling and AHCTF1 promote oncogenic MYC expression through super-enhancer-mediated gene gating
  • Robust carotid artery recognition in longitudinal B-mode ultrasound images
  • A composite framework for the statistical analysis of epidemiological DNA methylation data with the Infinium Human Methylation 450K BeadChip
  • Evaluating the effect of various background correction methods regarding noise reduction, in two-channel microarray data
  • Using the hough transform to segment ultrasound images of longitudinal and transverse sections of the carotid artery
  • cDNA microarray analysis of a glucocorticoid treated acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line
  • Derivation of Cancer Related Biomarkers from DNA Methylation Data from an Epidemiological Cohort
  • Comparative computational methods for identification of inherent or acquired mechanisms of resistance to prednisolone in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia cells
  • The long-term prognostic and predictive capacity of cyclin D1 gene amplification in 2305 breast tumours
  • Correlation between contrast-enhanced ultrasound characteristics (qualitative and quantitative) and pathological prognostic factors in breast cancer

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