Carmen Navarro Luzon


  • DiGSNP: a web tool for Disease-Gene-SNP hierarchical prioritization
  • Network-based drug-disease relation prioritization using ProphNet
  • Reliable scaling of position weight matrices for binding strength comparisons between transcription factors
  • CisMiner: Genome-Wide In-Silico Cis-Regulatory Module Prediction by Fuzzy Itemset Mining
  • DrugNet: Network-based drug–disease prioritization by integrating heterogeneous data
  • A Mechanistic Study of lncRNA Fendrr Regulation of FoxF1 Lung Cancer Tumor Supressor
  • ProphTools: general prioritization tools for heterogeneous biological networks
  • Ancient exapted transposable elements promote nuclear enrichment of long noncoding RNAs
  • An embryonic stem cell-specific heterochromatin state promotes core histone exchange in the absence of DNA accessibility
  • minute: A MINUTE-ChIP data analysis workflow
  • Dynamic antagonism between key repressive pathways maintains the placental epigenome

Carmen Navarro Luzon's public data