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GORC Model Adoption for ELIXIR (Sweden)

posted on 2024-05-23, 13:12 authored by Wolmar Nyberg ÅkerströmWolmar Nyberg Åkerström

This lightning talk was presented online during the session Global open research commons (GORC): model adoption and next steps at the Research Data Alliance (RDA) 22nd Virtual Plenary Meeting on 22 May 2024. It was presented by Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström at National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) leading up to a panel discussion.

Description of the talk

The presentation highlighted examples of how the RDA GORC International Model had been used at NBIS and envisioned applications at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) Sweden and in ELIXIR Europe. It also accounted for some challenges and potential avenues for future work to improve the model.



National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) / ELIXIR Sweden