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Conceptualising the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics - a framework for curricula design

posted on 2023-05-08, 07:11 authored by Jessica LindvallJessica Lindvall

Presentation (annotated pdf and ppt) and video recording that was presented at the plenary session at the 9th edition of the  Dutch Bioinformatics & Systems Biology (BioSB) conference (, Netherlands, on the 9th of May 2023. The conference had the intention to discuss the latest developments in bioinformatics, systems and computational biology and interrelated disciplines, and their wide-ranging applications in life sciences & health, agriculture, food & nutrition research. 

Jessica Lindvall, Head of Training at the SciLifeLab Training Hub, Training lead at NBIS/ELIXIR-SE, Executive Committee member for the ELIXIR Training Platform, was invited to give the plenary talk on 9th of May and to take part as an educational/training expert in the Dutch national dicussions regarding a national-wide curricula framework in Systems Biology and Data Science. 

Description of the presentation "Conceptualising the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics - a framework for curricula design"

The presentation is annotated (both a ppt and the pdf version) and will introduce the framework the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics, describing its structure and how it charts performance as learners traverse a developmental trajectory from lower- to higher-order critical thinking skills (according to Bloom's level). Unlike conventional rubrics, Mastery Rubrics aim to support the development of specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) along stages in a developmental trajectory (from uninitiated student to independent practitioner) by describing the performance or behaviors typical of learners at each stage. The focus for the presentation lies on understanding the Rubric’s key elements, and to present the Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics as a practical tool, both to inform course design, and to support professional development and to show how the framework may be used to identify an individual’s training needs, and to shape course design around target skills and developmental stages.



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