Case studies on pragmatic interoperability: Engaging regional and European data infrastructure communities with the RDA and EOSC

Published on by Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström

The Case studies on pragmatic interoperability project is funded by the RDA / EOSC Future Call for Interoperability Framework Contributions with activities March–September 2023. The project contributors are part of the Data management team at NBIS - National Bioinformatics Infrastricture Sweden.

The project supports and creates synergies around a selection of five activities that will serve as case studies and demonstrator initiatives on how to engage regional and European data infrastructure communities with relevant RDA and EOSC communities to converge on interoperability solutions. The activities originates from engagements across the Research Data Alliance (RDA), the EOSC Association, the European life science data infrastructure ELIXIR, the Swedish life science infrastructure Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS). Mapping exercises between the outcomes of the activities and the EOSC Interoperability Framework will be made at least three times for each activity—first as a preparation and support for observations, second after the bulk of the results have been produced as support for reflections, and third as part of consolidating the results from all of the activities as support for coherent reporting.

The project and it activities are described on the EOSC Future Funding Platform under the RDA / EOSC Future Call for Interoperability Framework Contributions and its reports and outputs are listed in the SciLifeLab Data Repository collection Case studies on pragmatic interoperability.

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