Proteogenomic characterization of primary and locally recurrent breast cancers

Posted on 2023-01-25 - 16:10 authored by Tommaso de Marchi

 We employed proteogenomics to analyze a cohort of 27 primary breast cancers and their matched IBTRs to define proteogenomic determinants of molecular tumor evolution.

Our data presented here include copy number calls, variant calling for key cancer genes, mutational signature contribution, RNA and protein expression data.

An additional cohort of 21 primary tumors from patients who did not develop any recurrent disease were also included in this study and analyzed by RNAseq and mass spectrometry. 


de Marchi, Tommaso; Pyl, Paul Theodor; Sjöström, Martin; Reinsbach, Susanne E.; DiLorenzo, Sebastian; Nystedt, Björn; et al. (2023): Proteogenomic characterization of primary and locally recurrent breast cancers. SciLifeLab. Collection.
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