Teresita Díaz de Ståhl

Associate Professor (Biomedical and clinical sciences)


  • Novel amplifications in pediatric medulloblastoma identified by genome-wide copy number profiling
  • BMC Cancer reviewer acknowledgement 2015
  • Characterization of novel and complex genomic aberrations in glioblastoma using a 32K BAC array
  • Frequent genetic differences between matched primary and metastatic breast cancer provide an approach to identification of biomarkers for disease progression
  • Microarray-based survey of CpG islands identifies concurrent hyper- and hypomethylation patterns in tissues derived from patients with breast cancer
  • Genome-wide high-resolution analysis of DNA copy number alterations in NF1-associated malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors using 32K BAC array
  • Distal 22q11.2 microduplication encompassing the BCR gene
  • Somatic mosaicism for copy number variation in differentiated human tissues
  • IgG2a-mediated enhancement of antibody responses is dependent on FcRgamma+ bone marrow-derived cells
  • A patient with 22q11.2 deletion and Opitz syndrome-like phenotype has the same deletion as velocardiofacial patients
  • Common pathogenetic mechanism involving human chromosome 18 in familial and sporadic ileal carcinoid tumors
  • A role for complement in feedback enhancement of antibody responses by IgG3
  • Molecular genetics of bladder cancer: an update
  • Copy-number polymorphisms: mining the tip of an iceberg
  • A segmental maximum a posteriori approach to genome-wide copy number profiling
  • Identification of mutations, gene expression changes and fusion transcripts by whole transcriptome RNAseq in docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cells
  • Identification of limited regions of genetic aberrations in patients affected with Wilms' tumor using a tiling-path chromosome 22 array
  • Whole Exome- and mRNA-Sequencing of an AT/RT Case Reveals Few Somatic Mutations and Several Deregulated Signalling Pathways in the Context of SMARCB1 Deficiency
  • Mosaic loss of chromosome Y in peripheral blood is associated with shorter survival and higher risk of cancer
  • Identification of genetic aberrations on chromosome 22 outside the NF2 locus in schwannomatosis and neurofibromatosis type 2
  • Profiling of copy number variations (CNVs) in healthy individuals from three ethnic groups using a human genome 32 K BAC-clone-based array
  • A full-coverage, high-resolution human chromosome 22 genomic microarray for clinical and research applications
  • Age dependence of tumor genetics in unfavorable neuroblastoma: arrayCGH profiles of 34 consecutive cases, using a Swedish 25-year neuroblastoma cohort for validation
  • Phenotypically concordant and discordant monozygotic twins display different DNA copy-number-variation profiles
  • Chromosome 22 tiling-path array-CGH analysis identifies germ-line- and tumor-specific aberrations in patients with glioblastoma multiforme
  • Expression of FcgammaRIII is required for development of collagen-induced arthritis
  • High-resolution array-CGH profiling of germline and tumor-specific copy number alterations on chromosome 22 in patients affected with schwannomas
  • A previously unrecognized microdeletion syndrome on chromosome 22 band q11.2 encompassing the BCR gene
  • Focal amplifications are associated with high grade and recurrences in stage Ta bladder carcinoma
  • Enhanced susceptibility to low-dose collagen-induced arthritis in CR1/2-deficient female mice--possible role of estrogen on CR1 expression
  • No evidence for a role of FcgammaRIIB in suppression of in vivo antibody responses to erythrocytes by passively administered IgG
  • Analysis of copy number variation in the normal human population within a region containing complex segmental duplications on 22q11 using high-resolution array-CGH
  • Non-autocrine, constitutive activation of Met in human anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cells in culture
  • Identification of novel deletion breakpoints bordered by segmental duplications in the NF1 locus using high resolution array-CGH
  • IgE-mediated suppression of primary antibody responses in vivo
  • Recurrent genomic alterations in benign and malignant pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas revealed by whole-genome array comparative genomic hybridization analysis
  • Efficient IgG-mediated suppression of primary antibody responses in Fcgamma receptor-deficient mice
  • Overlapping phenotype of Wolf-Hirschhorn and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndromes in a girl with der(4)t(4;11)(pter;pter)
  • Array-CGH and multipoint FISH to decode complex chromosomal rearrangements
  • Detailed assessment of chromosome 22 aberrations in sporadic pheochromocytoma using array-CGH
  • Somatic mosaicism for chromosome X and Y aneuploidies in monozygotic twins heterozygous for sickle cell disease mutation
  • Reversible immobilization of chemically modified pullulanase
  • The prognostic value and therapeutic target role of stathmin-1 in urinary bladder cancer
  • Erratum to: Identification of mutations, gene expression changes and fusion transcripts by whole transcriptome RNAseq in docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cells
  • Genomic microarrays in the spotlight
  • Human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp65 is detected in all intra- and extra-axial brain tumours independent of the tumour type or grade
  • BMC Cancer reviewer acknowledgement 2015
  • Genomic microarrays in the spotlight
  • Fcγ receptors in the immune response

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