Margherita Zamboni


  • Clonally distinct differentiation trajectories shape CD8+ memory T cell heterogeneity after acute viral infections in humans
  • Activation of a neural stem cell transcriptional program in parenchymal astrocytes
  • A latent lineage potential in resident neural stem cells enables spinal cord repair
  • The spatial RNA integrity number assay for in situ evaluation of transcriptome quality
  • A Widespread Neurogenic Potential of Neocortical Astrocytes Is Induced by Injury.
  • Induction of Leptomeningeal Cells Modification Via Intracisternal Injection.
  • Injection and Infusion of Compounds to the Central Nervous System.
  • Identification of a discrete subpopulation of spinal cord ependymal cells with neural stem cell properties.
  • Prostate cancer disease recurrence after radical prostatectomy is associated with HLA type and local cytomegalovirus immunity.
  • Localization of mutant ubiquitin in the brain of a transgenic mouse line with proteasomal inhibition and its validation at specific sites in Alzheimer's disease.
  • Divergent clonal differentiation trajectories establish CD8+ memory T cell heterogeneity during acute viral infections in humans.
  • Solid-phase capture and profiling of open chromatin by spatial ATAC
  • Cytomegalovirus promotes proliferation and survival of prostate cancer cells and constitutes a therapeutic target

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