Jianjiang Hu


  • Local temporal Rac1-GTP nadirs and peaks restrict cell protrusions and retractions
  • Identification of the PAK4 interactome reveals PAK4 phosphorylation of N-WASP and promotion of Arp2/3-dependent actin polymerization.
  • Anti-biofilm activity of TanReQing, a Traditional Chinese Medicine used for the treatment of acute pneumonia.
  • [Real-time detection of mast cell degranulation in anaphylactoid reaction].
  • [In vitro study on gastrointestinal absorption of FITC labeled pilose antler protein extraction].
  • [Considerations about study on mechanisms of acupuncture underlying efficacy-enhancement and toxicity-attenuation of digitalis drugs for heart failure].
  • A small-molecule ICMT inhibitor delays senescence of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome cells.
  • [The effect of Siwu Tang on EPO and G-CSF gene expression in bone marrow of irradiated blood deficiency mice].
  • [Discussion on the novel clues for studying the underlying mechanisms of acupuncture-induced potentiation of the curative effect of medicines].
  • Multisite assessment of reproducibility in high‐content cell migration imaging data
  • Improving light microscopy training routines with evidence‐based education
  • Antioxidants stimulate BACH1-dependent tumor angiogenesis.
  • In Silico Prediction of Cell Traction Forces
  • In Silico Prediction of Cell Traction Forces
  • Multi-site assessment of reproducibility in high-content live cell imaging data

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