Anders Torstensson

Biological sciences

Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Biological impacts of ocean acidification: A postgraduate perspective on research priorities
  • Gomphonemopsis ligowskii, a new diatom (Bacillariophyceae) from the marine Antarctic and a comparison to other Gomphonemopsis
  • Microalgal photophysiology and macronutrient distribution in summer sea ice in the Amundsen and Ross Seas, Antarctica.
  • Nitzschia biundulata sp. nov. a new sea ice diatom (Bacillariophyceae) from the Ross Sea, Antarctica
  • Use of exogenous glycine betaine and its precursor choline as osmoprotectants in Antarctic sea‐ice diatoms
  • Elevated temperature and decreased salinity both affect the biochemical composition of the Antarctic sea-ice diatom Nitzschia lecointei, but not increased pCO2
  • Synergism between elevated pCO2 and temperature on the Antarctic sea ice diatom Nitzschia lecointei
  • CO2-system development in young sea ice and CO2 gas exchange at the ice/air interface mediated by brine and frost flowers in Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen
  • Ocean acidification and desalination: climate-driven change in a Baltic Sea summer microplanktonic community
  • Limited response of a spring bloom community inoculated with filamentous cyanobacteria to elevated temperature and pCO2
  • Long-term acclimation to elevated pCO2 alters carbon metabolism and reduces growth in the Antarctic diatom Nitzschia lecointei
  • Large diversity in nitrogen- And sulfur-containing compatible solute profiles in polar and temperate diatoms
  • Revisiting Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctica, 12 years later: New observations of marine benthic diatoms
  • Glacial melt disturbance shifts community metabolism of an Antarctic seafloor ecosystem from net autotrophy to heterotrophy
  • Establishment of axenic sea-ice diatom cultures, modified from Jaeckisch et al. (2011) v1
  • Chemical and biological vertical distributions within central Arctic (>82°N) sea ice during late summer
  • Biogenic halocarbons in young Arctic sea ice and frost flowers
  • The influence of increased temperature and carbon dioxide levels on the benthic/sea ice diatom Navicula directa
  • Ocean acidification state in western Antarctic surface waters: Controls and interannual variability
  • Physicochemical control of bacterial and protist community composition and diversity in Antarctic sea ice
  • Sea-ice microbial communities in the Central Arctic Ocean: Limited responses to short-term pCO2 perturbations
  • Multiomics in the central Arctic Ocean for benchmarking biodiversity change
  • Impacts of sea ice melting procedures on measurements of microbial community structure
  • Spatial variability of biogeochemistry in shallow coastal benthic communities of Potter Cove (Antarctica) and the impact of a melting glacier
  • A comprehensive dataset on spatiotemporal variation of microbial plankton communities in the Baltic Sea

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