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Workshop: Leveraging EOSC and the RDA in ELIXIR Nodes, Platforms and Communities

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posted on 2023-09-07, 07:50 authored by Wolmar Nyberg ÅkerströmWolmar Nyberg Åkerström, Marek Suchánek, Susanna-Assunta SansoneSusanna-Assunta Sansone, Jonathan Tedds, Gavin Farrell

This workshop was organised at the ELIXIR All Hands meeting in Dublin, Ireland on 7 June 2023. It was chaired by Marek Suchánek (CTU) and Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström (NBIS) on behalf of ELIXIR’s RDA Activities Focus Group and EOSC Focus Group with support from the Case studies on pragmatic interoperability project funded by the RDA / EOSC Future Call for Interoperability Framework Contributions.

Description of the workshop

This workshop will showcase how ELIXIR members can leverage the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to strengthen and increase the impact of activities across Nodes, Platforms and Communities. It is organised jointly by the ELIXIR RDA Activities and EOSC Focus Groups (FGs) and will bring together speakers with a wide range of perspectives across ELIXIR.

The workshop aims to promote and refine strategies for liaising with global communities and in particular the RDA and EOSC to develop and adopt the resources, recommendations, and strategies that support the social and technical infrastructure for effective sharing and re-use of data. The intended audience is staff at ELIXIR Nodes who are actively following or engaging with the RDA and/or EOSC communities. However, it will also support knowledge exchange and anyone in ELIXIR who is interested in what these communities have to offer will be encouraged to participate.

RDA and EOSC offer recommendations, strategies, activities and other resources that are valuable to the life sciences communities. ELIXIR has formed the EOSC and RDA Activities FGs to support collaborations, identify bi-directional opportunities, and provide assistance in developing synergies. The workshop will introduce the RDA / EOSC communities alongside the activities of the FGs (e.g. the EOSC FG strategic document/RDA FG Plenary Reports), and a showcase of success stories from ELIXIR Nodes, Platforms and Communities. The workshop will conclude with an interactive session to help participants outline and refine their own liaison strategies and to identify gaps and priorities for future work in the FGs.

Outcome, impact and relevance: The workshop will promote awareness of and engagement in ELIXIR’s International Strategy and ELIXIR’s Strategy for engagement with EOSC. It will also support Nodes, Platforms and Communities in developing tactics to realise synergies across their engagements in ELIXIR, RDA and EOSC. The participants will learn about:

  • The value propositions, structures and outputs of the communities around EOSC / RDA in relation to ELIXIR
  • Success stories from liaising with activities in the RDA / EOSC communities, such as the FAIRsharing Community Curation Programme
  • Success stories from contributing to/adopting recommendations from the RDA / EOSC communities
  • Activities and modus operandi of the related FGs
  • Implementing liaison strategies for RDA / EOSC in their own activities
  • Leveraging RDA / EOSC events and opportunities, such as the RDA-EOSC ambassadorship grants
  • The workshop will also contribute to giving input to the future direction to the related FGs


  • Opening and welcome to the session (5 min)
    Speaker: Marek
  • Benefitting from RDA Activities and its recommendations (10 min)
    Speaker: WolmarNyberg Akerstrom (SE)
  • Benefitting from EOSC activities and shaping its services (10 min)
    Speaker: Jonathan Tedds (Hub)
  • Leveraging the RDA and EOSC Focus Groups in ELIXIR (10 min)
    Speaker: Gavin Farrell (Hub)
  • A case study from ELIXIR: RDA FAIRsharing Registry WG, and links to EOSC (10 min)
    Speaker: Susanna Sansone (UK)
  • Breakout discussions facilitated by speakers (20 min)
    Facilitators: Marek, Jonathan, Gavin, Susanna, Wolmar, …
  • Synthesis of discussions and next steps (20min)
    Moderator: Wolmar / Marek
  • Wrap-up and closing of the session (5 min)
    Lead: Marek


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