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Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop and Data Management at SciLifeLab

This presentation introduces best practices in Data Management at SciLifeLab and was part of the parallel workshop sessions on the second day of the Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop 2023. The content is divided into six areas:

  1. Open Science and the FAIR Principles
  2. Data Management Plan
  3. Organisation
  4. Versioning of Code and Data
  5. Workflow Management Systems
  6. Publishing data

The target audience is PhD students and post-docs who are using any kind of bioinformatics in their research.

The objective was that the audience at the end of the talk should:

  • Have a better understanding of important aspects in life science, such as Open Science and the FAIR Principles.
  • Have a better knowledge base regarding some best practices in data management.




SciLifeLab acknowledgement

  • SciLifeLab Data Centre
  • Bioinformatics platform (NBIS)