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Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness SciLifeLab Data Centre August 2022 launch event Presentation

posted on 2022-08-26, 12:06 authored by Liane HughesLiane Hughes, Katarina Öjefors StarkKatarina Öjefors Stark

Slides presented at the 'Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness Program' event on 17 and 18th August 2022. Event organised by The Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness Program (PLP) at SciLifeLab. To read more about the Program see here.

This talk focused on how the SciLifeLab Data Centre can support the projects that are part of the PLP program. In particular, the SciLifeLab Data Centre outlined the services that they can provide, including various tools, resources, and help desks.

The Swedish COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness Portal is maintained by the SciLifeLab Data Centre. It was originally launched in June 2020 as the Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal, and was the first national COVID-19 Data Portal to go live. It is the Swedish Portal node of the  European COVID-19 Data Platform. The Portal transitioned into the Swedish COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness Portal in 2022. It was officially relaunched at this PLP event.

The focus of the Portal has shifted as part of the relaunch. Previously, resources on the Portal primarily centred around COVID-19. The focus will now be on promoting the use and development of resources related to pandemic preparedness. Whilst we will still continue to track resources related to COVID-19, it will not be the only emerging pathogen considered. We will now also look at other pathogens that could cause the next pandemic.


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