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Materials related to the SciLifeLab Data Platform Launch

posted on 2023-05-31, 09:05 authored by Liane HughesLiane Hughes, Katarina Öjefors StarkKatarina Öjefors Stark, Oliver Billker, Elin KronanderElin Kronander, Wesley Schaal

The SciLifeLab Data Platform ( was launched on 26th May 2023. In this item, you will find a recording of the launch event, as well as slides from some of the speakers at the event.

The SciLifeLab Data Platform aims to act as a 'one-stop shop' for data--driven life science in Sweden. It includes services (e.g. tools and databases), materials related to community building (e.g. jobs and events pages), and resources aimed at promoting data-driven life science research (e.g. data highlights). The talks at the events detail more information about the SciLifeLab Data Platform, as well as user experiences to date.  

The first talk at the launch was by Johan Rung, who introduced the need for the SciLifeLab Data Platform and how it fits into the wider context of SciLifeLab Data Centre, who created and maintain the SciLifeLab Data Platform.

The second talk was by Liane Hughes, who explained that the Platform comprises of a webpage and an underlying technical environment, as well as how to navigate, use, and access the two.

The final three talks were by Wesley Schaal, Elin Kronander, and Oliver Billker. All three detailed their experiences using elements of the SciLifeLab Data Platform. In particular, Schaal and Billker discussed their experiences with turning their work into a Data Highlight, as well as potential future plans, whilst Kronander discussed one of the services made available via the Platform (the SciLifeLab RDM Guidelines). 



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