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Case studies and use cases as means of effectively demonstrating value and engaging stakeholders

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posted on 2023-03-13, 08:26 authored by Wolmar Nyberg ÅkerströmWolmar Nyberg Åkerström, Peter Maccallum

This talk was presented during the Engagement of research communities and service providers in EOSC session at the EOSC Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic on 15 November 2022. It was presented by Peter Maccallum (ELIXIR) on behalf of Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström (ELIXIR Sweden) and the EOSC Semantic Interoperability Task Force.

Description of the talk

The premise of this talk is that case studies and use cases can be used to effectively demonstrate value and engage stakeholders in requirements gathering for developing services. The EOSC Association's Task Force on Semantic Interoperability have drafted a procedure to capturing and exploring inspiring and representative case studies in order to provide input to the initiatives that are shaping EOSC and to provide examples and lessons learned to stakeholders across Europe. The talk will argue for building a competence network and a curated collection of resources that can be used across EOSC members, projects and task forces with examples from efforts in research infrastructures, special interest groups, EU projects and universities.

Relevance to EOSC

Encouraging collaboration across EOSC initiatives on collecting case studies and use cases to demonstrate value and engage stakeholders. Addressing the needs for aligning the work of the EOSC implementation projects with EOSC Association's Task Forces.



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