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A Nordic liaise with EOSC: Strengthen the liaise between EOSC and research organisations in the Nordic-Baltic region

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posted on 2023-09-07, 07:52 authored by Wolmar Nyberg ÅkerströmWolmar Nyberg Åkerström

This talk was presented at the EOSC-Nordic as a NeIC Result Transfer Project Online on 29 March 2023. It was presented by Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström (NBIS) on behalf of the EOSC Semantic Interoperability TF with support from the Case studies on pragmatic interoperability project funded by the RDA / EOSC Future Call for Interoperability Framework Contributions (March–September 2023).

Description of the talk

This tak proposed an activity for the EOSC-Nordic as a NeIC Result Transfer Project collaboration focusing on strengthening the voice of the Nordic–Baltic research community in guiding the future direction of  EOSC. Working out strategies and operational support to strengthen the liaise between the EOSC Association and the universities and research infrastructures in the Nordics–Baltics through representatives in the Advisory Groups (AG) and Task Forces (TF) of the EOSC Association. 

This should probably be a low-effort activity focused on articulating the value proposition of voicing concerns and presenting high-impact use cases that future EOSC initiatives should address or examples of solutions that should be considered. It could bring together TF members and other representatives from the Nordics–Baltics engaged in the EOSC Association to share successful approaches, issues with the current ways of working, and suggesting improvements going forward. A possible approach could be to organise a series of a few shorter workshops, each addressing a specific question leading towards a more effective liaison. 


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