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Uppsala Antibiotic Days Poster (COVID-19 & Pandemic Preparedness Portal)

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This poster was presented at the 'Uppsala Antibiotic Days' event on 24th and 25th November 2022. The event was organised by Uppsala Antibiotic Center (Uppsala University)

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic has been a central focus of societies worldwide over the last few years. Like COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is widespread and poses a real and present danger to public health, but it receives considerably less attention and has thus been termed a ‘silent pandemic’. This must change, and AMR is of great importance in pandemic preparedness.

In June 2020, Sweden launched the first national portal of the European COVID-19 platform. It quickly became a hub for resources related to making Swedish COVID-19 data more open and FAIR, with the aim of accelerating research efforts. In 2022, the portal, now the Swedish COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness Portal ( became part of the SciLifeLab Pandemic Preparedness Program. Accordingly, the scope of the portal was expanded to include other topics related to pandemic preparedness, including AMR.

Method: The portal’s content is organised modularly to maximise ease of use. There are sections that focus on different aspects of data sharing, including services, guidelines, and tools for the research community. The portal team collaborates with researchers to promote their work by, for example, writing data-focussed articles (data highlights), developing custom dashboards, or featuring existing resources. The content can now be filtered by different pandemic preparedness ‘topics’, in order to easily locate relevant content. It is crucial that we build close collaborations with the AMR research community to expand AMR-related content.

Results and conclusion: The portal has been incredibly successful. Since its launch, there have been >70,000 unique visitors and >250,000 page views (currently 200 daily visits,). To build on this, we will add new content, primarily targeted at the research community, further improve user experience, and implement a promotion strategy to maximise attention. We strongly encourage those in the AMR community to contact us regarding collaboration.


Swedish Research Council

SciLifeLab/KAW National COVID-19 Research Program




Uppsala University