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posted on 2023-11-09, 12:53 authored by Gustaf ChristofferssonGustaf Christoffersson, Elke Muntjewerff, Vijay Josyula

STL-file for 3D-printing a stamping device for the creation of a co-culture model designed to fit pancreatic islets, neurons, and immune cells.

The .stl file provides instructions for a 3D printer to print a mold which can be used to stamp out an indentation pattern in a low-melt agarose gel in a standard 6-well plate. The center hole is used for placing one or more pancreatic islets, and the outer crescents are used for placing immune cells by pipetting a cell suspension into the loading ports. The device can be used in this way, or with the addition of a cover slip containing attached neurons placed on top of the gel. This allows for immune cells to migrate, and for neurons to grow into the gel.

For creating the device, pour low-melt agarose into a 6-well plate. Allow the agarose to almost set, and then place the stamping device in each well. The device should leave indentations in the gel. Seal the plate and allow to fully set at 4 deg C before using for cell culture.

Accompanying information and methodology published in:

Three-dimensional Co-culture Model for Live Imaging of Pancreatic Islets, Immune Cells, and Neurons in Agarose Gel

Elke M. Muntjewerff, Vijay S. Josyula, Gustaf Christoffersson

Bio-protocol, Vol 13, Iss 20, Oct 20, 2023. DOI:




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Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University