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Abstracts of the Conference on Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry at the Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) Umeå

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posted on 2023-04-28, 14:35 authored by Th. Theresa KieselbachTh. Theresa Kieselbach

This booklet contains a description, the programme, and the abstracts of the Mass Spectrometry Day at the Chemistry Biology Center (KBC) at Umeå University on 15 March 2023. At this event, leading companies in the field of modern mass spectrometry presented their latest news about analytical applications and technologies. The spectrum of topics covered metabolomics, proteomics and had a special focus on targeted applications. Both mass spectrometry in combination with separation by liquid chromatography and by gas chromatography was included. The Mass Spectrometry Day was collaboration between industry and academia, and it was organized by the Swedish Mass Spectrometry Society, the Swedish Metabolomics Center, and the Mass Spectrometry Network Umeå. The booklet of the Mass Spectrometry Day gives an overview of some recent innovations in applied mass spectrometry. It contains links to related application notes and literature and contact details to the companies that presented their innovations at this conference. 


The event was funded by a conference grant of Umeå University and by the companies that participated in it.

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