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Simultaneous visualization of DNA loci in single cells by combinatorial multi-color iFISH (Dataset 9: iFISH chr10 spotting Replicate 2)

posted on 2021-10-25, 06:25 authored by Ana Faustino MotaAna Faustino Mota, Maud Schweitzer, Magda Bienko
We designed 13 probes targeting 13 consecutive loci on chromosome 10 using iFISH4U. The 23 loci are spaced with 10 Mb. There are 2 probes with AF488 dye, 2 probes with AT542, 3 probes with AF594, 2 probes with AT647N, 2 probes with AF700 and 2 probes with AF790. Replicate 2

Experiment Imaging Method: epifluorescence microscopy
Protocol Name: iFISH protocol

Each dataset consists of multiple fields of view (FOVs) that were acquired with seven different dyes (AF488 labeled as ‘a488’; AT542 as ‘tmr’; AF594 as ‘a594’; AT647N as ‘Cy5’, AF700 as ‘a700’, AF790 as ‘ir800’; and Hoechst 33342 as ‘dapi’) and all the FOVs are provided as separate .tiff files. Each FOV comprises 81–95 focal planes spaced 0.2 μm apart and has a size of 1024x1024 pixels.



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