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Simultaneous visualization of DNA loci in single cells by combinatorial multi-color iFISH (Dataset 5: iFISH chr1 spotting Replicate 1)

posted on 2021-10-25, 06:26 authored by Ana Faustino MotaAna Faustino Mota, Maud Schweitzer, Magda Bienko
We designed 23 probes targeting 23 consecutive loci on chromosome 1 using iFISH4U. The 23 loci are spaced with 10 Mb. There are 3 probes with AF488 dye, 4 probes with AT542, 4 probes with AF594, 4 probes with AT647N, 4 probes with AF700 and 4 probes with AF790. Replicate 1

Experiment Imaging Method: epifluorescence microscopy
Protocol Name: iFISH protocol

Each dataset consists of multiple fields of view (FOVs) that were acquired with seven different dyes (AF488 labeled as ‘a488’; AT542 as ‘tmr’; AF594 as ‘a594’; AT647N as ‘Cy5’, AF700 as ‘a700’, AF790 as ‘ir800’; and Hoechst 33342 as ‘dapi’) and all the FOVs are provided as separate .tiff files. Each FOV comprises 81–95 focal planes spaced 0.2 μm apart and has a size of 1024x1024 pixels.



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