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Simulated ancient metagenomic ground truth dataset used for aMeta publication

posted on 10.10.2022, 13:04 authored by Nikolay OskolkovNikolay Oskolkov

This is a simulated ancient metagenomic dataset used for benchmarking the anciemt microbiome profiling workflow aMeta against Heuristic Operations for Pathogen Screening (HOPS), see link under references. The dataset was simulated using gargammel software, see link under references. Both ancient and modern reads were simulated, sequencing errors and Illumina adapters were added. The simulated datase was built by Nikolay Oskolkov, Lund University, Sweden, within the NBIS SciLifeLab long-term support project, PI Anders Götherström, Centre for Palaeogenetics, Stockholm, Sweden. 


Stockholms universitet, Wallenberg Advanced Bioinformatics Infrastructure, WABIBeviljat anslag: 68 miljoner kronor i fortsättningsanslag

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation

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