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Genotypes and population allele frequencies in Atlantic and Pacific herring samples

posted on 2023-04-12, 06:07 authored by Mats PetterssonMats Pettersson, Leif Andersson, Angela Fuentes-Pardo, Christina Rochus, Huijuan Bi, Erik Enbody, Risto Väniölä

Individual genotypes, sample IDs and pool-wise allele freqeuncies used in "A long-standing hybrid population between Pacific and Atlantic herring in a subarctic fjord of Norway" (GBE-230119). The data are stored as tab-separated, gzipped textfiles. For the pool frequencies, sample names are in the header. For the individuals, the genotypes for each snp are stored as a single string with out spaces or tabs. The order is the indicated in the sample file, and each individual is represente by two characters (ie haplotype 1 and haplotype 2). Thus, the first and second character represents the first individual, the third and fourth cahncater the second individual et c.


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