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Dataset for "Limits and potential of combined folding and docking using PconsDock"

Version 2 2021-08-09, 13:35
Version 1 2021-05-23, 14:09
posted on 2021-08-09, 13:35 authored by Arne ElofssonArne Elofsson, Gabriele Pozzati, Wensi Zhu, Claudio BassotClaudio Bassot, John LambJohn Lamb, Petras Kundrotas
All scripts for predictions and analysis are available from
Details for each run are available from
All models joined alignments, and evaluation results are available from a figshare repository[44].

The data is organized as follows

1) One diretora (N*/ as well as ./) contains all the results and data for one set of parameters
2) In each directory the following subdirectories are included
2a) seq/ (all sequences)
2b) pdb/ (all orginal pdb files)
2c) dimer/ all merged msa files
2d) pymodel/ all models generated and the measuremenst (in csv files) to evalute their performance.
3) In the director Figures/ all figures, scripts to generat them as well as summary of all predictions in a csv files is included


Towards a complete map of the transmembrane proteome in Yeast and E.Coli

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