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CSAW-M: An Ordinal Classification Dataset for Benchmarking Mammographic Masking of Cancer

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posted on 2021-11-19, 15:27 authored by Moein SorkheiMoein Sorkhei, Yue LiuYue Liu, Hossein Azizpour, Edward Azavedo, Karin Dembrower, Dimitra Ntoula, Anthanasios Zouzos, Fredrik Strand, Kevin SmithKevin Smith
Welcome to the the CSAW-M dataset homepage

This page includes the files and metadata related to the CSAW-M, a curated dataset of mammograms with expert assessments of the masking of cancer.

CSAW-M is collected from over 10,000 individuals and annotated with potential masking. In contrast to the previous approaches which measure breast image density as a proxy, our dataset directly provides annotations of masking potential assessments from five specialists. We trained deep learning models on CSAW-M to estimate the masking level, and showed that the estimated masking is significantly more predictive of screening participants diagnosed with interval and large invasive cancers — without being explicitly trained for these tasks — than its breast density counterparts.

Please find the paper corresponding to our work here and the GitHub repo here.

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If you use this Work, please cite our paper:

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  author={Sorkhei, Moein and Liu, Yue and Azizpour, Hossein and Azavedo, Edward and Dembrower, Karin and Ntoula, Dimitra and Zouzos, Athanasios and Strand, Fredrik and Smith, Kevin},



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