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posted on 2022-05-02, 08:25 authored by Charlotte ThålinCharlotte Thålin, Sebastian Havervall, Ulrika Marking, Nina Greilert-Norin, Kim Blom, Max Gordon, Jonas Klingström, Peter Nilsson, Sophia Hober, Mia Phillipson, Sara MangsboSara Mangsbo, Mikael Åberg

The COMMUNITY pandemic surveillance cohort is a longitudinal cohort study including 2149 healthcare workers and 118 COVID-19 patients.

Dataset includes:

1. Serological data at baseline April-May 2020 and at follow-up every four month (ongoing).

2. Data on memory T cell responses 

3. Register data from Swedish vaccination register (VAL Vaccinera) and national communicable diseases register SmiNet (Public Health Agency of Sweden).

 3. Self-reported symptoms compatible with COVID-19 since 1 January 2020, occupation, work location and exposure to patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 prior to blood sampling (healthcare workers).

3. Clinical data including co-morbidities, disease severity, on-going medications, demography (COVID-19 patients).


The COMMUNITY pandemic surveillance cohort was initiated in April 2020 and comprises 2149 healthcare workers and 118 COVID-19 patients. Blood samples are collected every four months. Serological and cellular immune responses are continuously mapped to demography, vaccination(s) and prior infection. qPCR screening programs, including viral sequencing and culturing, are conducted during time points with high viral transmission and in response to the threat of emerging variants of concern (VOC). 

The COMMUNITY pandemic surveillance cohort is conducted through close collaborations within the SciLifeLab community, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces. 


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