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BAGS.v1: BAltic Gene Set gene catalogue

posted on 2021-10-01, 12:48 authored by Luis Fernando Delgado ZambranoLuis Fernando Delgado Zambrano, Anders Andersson
The BAltic Gene Set (BAGS.v1) gene catalogue encompasses 67,566,251 genes.
The 67 million genes are based on metagenomic data from Alneberg at al. (2020) from 124 seawater samples that span the salinity and oxygen gradients of the Baltic Sea and capture seasonal dynamics at two locations.
To obtain the gene catalogue, we used a mix-assembly approach described in Delgado et al. (2021).
The gene catalogue has been functionally and taxonomically annotated, as described in Delgado et al. (2021).
Here you find gene and protein sequences, and different types of annotations for the proteins. Also, contigs for the co-assembly are included (see the Delgado paper).

When using the BAGS gene catalogue, please cite:

1. Delgado LF, Andersson AF (2021) Evaluating metagenomic assembly approaches for biome-specific gene catalogues. Submitted for publication.

2. Alneberg J, Bennke C, Beier S, Bunse C, Quince C, Ininbergs K, Riemann L, Ekman M, Jürgens K, Labrenz M, Pinhassi J, Andersson AF (2020) Ecosystem-wide metagenomic binning enables prediction of ecological niches from genomes. Commun Biol 3, 119 (2020)


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