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A Multi-Parametric and High-Throughput Platform for Host-Virus Binding Screens

posted on 2023-04-04, 11:00 authored by Erdinc SezginErdinc Sezgin, Jan SchlegelJan Schlegel, Bartlomiej Porebski, Luca Andronico, Leo Hanke, Steven EdwardsSteven Edwards, Hjalmar BrismarHjalmar Brismar, Ben Murrell, Gerald M. McInerney, Oscar Fernández-Capetillo

General information

This item containst data sets for Schlegel et al, Nano Letters, 2023. 


It contains confocal images, lattice light sheet images, flow cytometry data, compiled data as excle sheet and raw figure files. 


Speed is key during infectious disease outbreaks. It

is essential, for example, to identify critical host binding factors to

pathogens as fast as possible. The complexity of host plasma

membrane is often a limiting factor hindering fast and accurate

determination of host binding factors as well as high-throughput

screening for neutralizing antimicrobial drug targets. Here, we

describe a multiparametric and high-throughput platform tackling

this bottleneck and enabling fast screens for host binding factors as

well as new antiviral drug targets. The sensitivity and robustness of

our platform were validated by blocking SARS-CoV-2 particles

with nanobodies and IgGs from human serum samples.

Data usage

Researchers are welcome to use the data contained in the dataset for any projects. Please cite this item upon use or when published. We encourage reuse using the same CC BY 4.0 License.


Data Content

Excel files for graphs

Microscopy Images

Flow cytometry data 

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